December 19, 2022


Want to join our team?

Learn about how you can become a part of the East Coast’s #1 driving experience!


With so many events scheduled for the upcoming season, we are always looking for local instructors and those ready to travel. You can submit your resumé to us via Instagram DM or email us at

Brand Ambassadors

Velocity driving is offering the opportunity for you to expand your network, diversify your resumé AND make money! With your very own discount code, you will have to market yourself to spread the word about Velocity Driving.


No, we give you the option of riding in the truck to each event. Housing and food will also be supplied.

Most of our events take place Friday-Sunday, with a few exceptions on private events during the week. However, those events are usually 1 day events.

For most courses, you are required to show up a half hour before starting time to set up. The events run for 7-8 hours with an hour break for lunch in the middle.

Once accepted, you will be supplied a Brand Ambassador Starter Kit, including codes, pamphlets and a T-Shirt to get you promoting right away!

Your profits start at 10% of all package sales you make in a month. The more you sell, the more you earn!

Reach out to us to order more before you run out! Brand Ambassador Kits start at just $59!

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